Mother’s Day 2014

Jenna's family is uniting to help her fight brain cancer.

Jenna’s family is uniting to help her fight brain cancer.

This Mother’s Day will be the third time I get to celebrate as “mommy” to an adorable if trying 26 month old.  In the midst of terrible twos it’s tempting to delude myself that the day will be a much deserved 12 hours of all about me time with presents, flowers, delicious brunch, and lots of cuddles from my handsomely clad little boy.


Mila is fighting Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer. Please unite to help raise funds for her mounting medical and living expenses.

In reality, I know the day will be much different.  He’ll have no idea that Mother’s Day is not about Batman and Umizoomi.   There will still be a fight at bath time, a refusal to wear a button-up shirt, and a wait at our favorite restaurant.

The truth is that the beauty of Mother’s Day will happen in the moments in between all of my expectations.  It will be the cheerful “Mommy!” I get as I enter his bedroom when he wakes up.  It will be the handclapping wiggle celebration when we get ready for the park.  And it will be the slobbery goodnight kisses that I get after we read each of his three “night-night” books.

This is really what we mothers live for… the small moments of peace and affection from the people little and grown that we love more than life itself.

Mary was taken just a few days after delivering her twin girls.

Mary was taken just a few days after delivering her twin girls.

But for many moms on GiveForward, these moments are much bigger because there’s a chance this tonight’s “night-night” kiss will be one of the last.  The amazing thing is that none of them live their lives that way.  They all fight, they all thrive, they all give everything they have to be there for their families for as long as they possibly can.

Equicha friends and family are helping her battle breast cancer.

Equicha is facing breast cancer.

With 4 weeks left to go in my pregnancy with baby number 2, I find it increasingly hard to read their stories of triumph and bravery in the face of the unknown without tearing up.  I’m sure you will too.  But my hope is that you’ll be inspired by their journeys to appreciate your children, your health, and especially your own mom that much more.