Good Vibes Please!

Today, I’m headed to Advocate Masonic for my first mammogram and MRI.  I almost didn’t write anything about, because there’s really no reason to be worried.  I have no symptoms or indication that anything is wrong. 

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But in an effort to be honest with myself, I decided to post something…because I want something.  I want your positive vibes and good energy. 

As a tireless optimist, I know I’m fine.  But there’s still that little scary voice in my head asking me “What if you’re not? What if today begins a journey you never expected to travel?” 

I know how powerful fear is…but I know that positive thoughts, optimism, love, and support are so much stronger. 

So, if you have time today between 1pm and 5pm CT, will you send a little thought into the universe of healthy, happy boobs for me 🙂