Why Dallas?


We keep getting this question when we tell people about Pearachute’s next home.  The typical start-up city expansion usually includes New York and San Francisco, so choosing a less dense, less urban location for our second city seems foreign to some.  But at Pearachute, we’re making a different bet.

Pearachute is a monthly membership club that makes it easy for parents and caregivers to discover, book, and drop into the best kids’ activities in your city.  We create opportunities to bring families together in a way they never could before. Now dads can drop into basketball classes with their kids and moms can book parent/child coding classes–all at the touch of a button, all for one affordable monthly rate.

This business is about connecting families with local businesses, and where better to do that than in the major metro areas of cities known for being family-friendly.

We chose Dallas for several reasons.  First, there is a great population of families with young children looking for fun things to do. Second, North Dallas is exploding with major companies like Toyota bringing employees from all over the country to the Plano area.  Third, there are hundreds of activity centers in the DFW area that offer so many cool classes and events that my staff keeps joking about moving our home office there.

But perhaps most important, we chose Dallas because we think it’s a great culture fit for our brand.  Texans, and Dallasites in particular, have a focus on family and empowering local business.  We share the same values of hard work, friendly people, and a desire to build our communities.

We’re launching Pearachute in Dallas this morning and couldn’t be more thrilled to call it our second home.